Full Day Example

This shows a sample of what a full day could look like. Of course schedules and work out programs will vary.

Swisher's Typical Day

4:50am     Awaken
   Turn on positive YouTube Video
   Do 100 Crunches

5:00am     Breakfast: 15 egg whites, Oatmeal
5:30am     Head to Gym

   Take supplements at gym.
   Listen to 5 minutes of meditation and pray.
   Do 50 push-ups to begin warm up.
   Begin workout listening to loud music or
   Calum Von Moger through my headphones.

7:30am   Go for 3 mile Run or 15 mile Bike Ride
8:00am     2nd Breakfast at Local Diner
   Garden Omelet, Add Ham, Bacon on Side.
8:50am     In my Office
10:30am   Protein Shake
1:00pm     Lunch: Salmon and Green Beans
3:45pm     2nd Lunch: Chicken in Tomato Sauce with
5:00pm      Leave Office: Head to Gym
6:15pm     Home: Fill Out Daily Tracker Sheet (Below)

6:30pm     Dinner: Steak and Snow Peas
8:30pm     Protein Shake
9:00pm     In Bed, Turn on Adult Bed Time Stories





Few Commit.

Daily Tracker Sheet

A coach is a huge help

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