I have avoided sleeping for much of my life and its miserable. The benefits of sleep are vast. When you sleep, your muscles grow, your energy is replaced, your mind is restored, and you mind is given greater clarity and positivity for the next day.

Why do we stay up and avoid going to bed? Are we not looking forward to the next day? Avoiding something? Hate our jobs? 

Its a vicious cycle. You stay up late, don't get enough sleep, then feel awful the next day which makes you cranky and negative about everything. You just want to go home and go to sleep. But when you get home, to make yourself feel better, you turn on the TV again and stay up late because its the only time to get peace and quiet where you are left alone. Its a mental break and distraction from all other responsibilities in life. Cycle repeats.

It only takes 1-4 days to break this cycle. One, you must commit to it and be ready for change. Believe me, you will be so much happier. 

Replace your current way of thinking to getting excited about bed, sleeping, and waking up early and refreshed before the rest of the world.

Try Melatonin and Magnesium

temporarily, to break the pattern.

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Natrol Advanced Sleep Melatonin Tablets, 10 Mg, 75 Ct  (Slow Release)


Magnesium Tablets, 250 mg

Positive sleep sounds & Stories

For an Active Mind.

Adult Bedtime Stories

Go to Sleep Fast.

Sleep Hypnosis

Release Negativity.

Positive Sleep Healing

If You Feel Down.

Tired and at Peace.

Positive Sleep Affirmations

Guided Deep Sleep

Ready to Go to Sleep.

Relaxing Sleep Music

Final words on SLEEP

Instead of your alone time with no interruptions being late at night, make early in the morning be your new thing--before anyone else wakes up. Believe me, it has a profound effect. I am not a "morning person" either. But when I do it, and do it right, I feel amazing.

Things to Try if you are a Night Owl

1.) Take a hot bath with a candle. Bring a book with you or watch something on your phone. Do this one hour before your target bed time to wind down.

2.) Take the Magnesium and Melatonin (slow release) thirty minutes before your new target bed time. It reduces your desire to stay up longer and increases your compliance to go get in bed and shut your eyes.

3.) When you go to bed, play one of the above suggested positive videos. Dim the light on your phone all the way, don't actually watch it. Turn off all the lights in the room.

4.) Turn a fan on if you have one.

5.) Download this Daily Tracker, FREE, and complete it each day by 7:00pm. Once completed, let go of everything. Pray if you pray, and know you will deal with everything else necessary tomorrow. Congratulate yourself on the days accomplishments no matter how small. Have confidence that God and the universe is going to work right now on all of your concerns and worries, and they will be there for you tomorrow. So now, you can let it go.

Few Commit.

Daily Tracker


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