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Waking up early & eating right

Compounding Motivation

Try this challenge--and get excited, because the amount of positivity and energy you are going to receive will be immense. Start with the eggs early, (or protein shake). When you eat your first meal early, say 5:00am, there is a real mental motivation that comes with that. Even if you must go back to sleep for a short while. This is your first healthy accomplishment of the day. (Making your bed when you get up has a big impact too...see this video.)

Then come 8:00am you are ready for meal two while the majority of people are only just waking up. So you are already ahead of the game and the day hasn't even really started. 

By 11:00am most people are starting to think about lunch--which may be their first meal of the day--and you are already eating your third meal.

All day long, you are leaps ahead of the vast population, and surely most everyone you know. There is huge mental power in the power of positive thinking--and doing things to stay ahead is positive action which breeds positive thinking! And positive thinking creates positive gains!!!

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