Detrimental effects of negativity

Negativity can be so sly, we don't even realize its hiding in our mind. That sneaky little negative thought is steeling our gains and trying to mess with other parts of our lives too--which all comes back to every part of our health. If you feel irritable a couple times a day, then its already messing with you more than you realize. Lets get to work on it!

Pray / Meditate

Lift up your concerns, forgive others, forgive yourself if need be, and trust that your concerns have started to be taken care of and will absolutely work out. Find gratitude even in small things.


Running, biking, hiking, body pump classes--these all release endorphins, testosterone, and unhealthy emotions you can let go of. It clears your head and builds self-confidence.

Look Forward to Things

Set up positive and fun things to look forward to. Even if you don't have any money now. Plan a local trip, and then plan a goal like a cruise to look forward to 8 months from now.

Fill Your Mind with Good

When you lay down to bed. When you first wake up. Each time before you eat. Always feed your mind with positive things. Flush out the negative and don't read or watch anything negative.





Human Interaction


Mental State


Positivity. Imagine through the day, you hold your head up high and proud. You can't wipe that smile off your face. Instead of being irritable with people, you have a sense of care and concern for everyone you see. You push hard, lift hard, and run hard.  You feel inspired, creative, and have great ideas all day. Where are you with this goal, 1-10?

Start his every morning getting out of bed.

Play this when you go to bed.

Watch these youtube vid's constantly

At all costs, turn you head away from any negative input or influence. Fill only with positive things.

A coach is a huge help

And there's no shame in it. People brag about having coaches these days.

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