Drink Tons of Water!

You cannot build muscle in a healthy manor without drinking a bunch of water. Especially if you are taking creatine, which makes muscular hydration priority over organ hydration, you need to drink more than the average person. Look at all the things in the diagram which water does for us, including food digestion, oxygen delivery, hormones, cell growth & reproduction, and joint lubrication. This H20 stuff is important!!!


Drink More water


40 Pack of Water | $3.98 (Walmart) | Less than 10 cents per Bottle

I always, always, always have this case of water in my car at all times. When I run out, I get borderline anxiety. I mix my supplements in these bottles, take them in the gym, in the house, and take three to bed with me.

Crystal light.jpeg

Crystal Light | Individual Packets, Fills 30 Water Bottles.

Zero sugar, zero everything. Water additive. Individual packets designed for the above sized water bottle. If this helps you drink more water, please, get it! Keep it with you. Its easy, quick, and cheap. Load up three bottles at a time and keep them by your side. 


Gatorade Powder

Drink if you must, but moderate it. Its better than not drinking water, but it contains enough sugar that it will add up quick. I would not have more than 1 a day, 2 max.