Clean Eats Education!

Focusing on what not to eat would be torturous. Think about all you can eat and get excited about the different ways you can prepare these meals! Not only will cravings for bad food go away, you will begin to despise cheap junk that the producers push on us to make them rich and us unhealthy. There will be a mind shift, and you will start to feel GREAT! Your body loves running on quality fuel!


5-6 Meals per Day

Portions of course vary depending on body type and weight.

Eat every 3 hours. When you go over three hours, your body goes into self preservation mode and switches over to storing future food items as fat.  Stay in fat-burning mode by eating every three hours! 


Three or four eggs cooked as you like. Two strips of bacon is OK. One bowl of cereal.

Breakfast 2.png
a Protein & Carbohydrate

Lean meat, a green, and rice. Coffee is good as a beverage. Always drink tons of water. I would eat 1 or 1 1/2 of these sized salmons. Handful of beans; like 9 long ones! (6-8 ounces depending on if I went to the gym already).

2nd fueling

Fish and Beans and RICE.jpg
a Protein, Green, & Complex Carbohydrate
Steak and greens.png

Lean meat, and a green. One of these steaks. 6-8 ounces. Just a handful of greens. You aren't a rabbit or giraffe so you don't have to make a feast out of the greens--just enough to get your vitamins and fiber. Water, water, water!!!!


a Protein & a Green

Blend 1/3 carton of egg whites with 1 Jello. Drink. Follow directly with one packet of oatmeal.  Other Protein shakes or bars can replace this option.

4th Fueling

a Protein & Carbohydrate if gym. Green if not.
Chicken and Brocc.jpg

Lean meat and green veggie. Lean and Green! No carbs at this hour, and no sugar.


a Protein & a Green

Do this 6th meal as often as possible! It can be another protein shake, or protein bar, or if you have the sweet tooth, you could do the high protein yogurt ice cream bars or ice cream.

6th Fueling

a Protein

Additional Important Notes

Must be mentioned. Alcohol dehydrates your body and your muscle. It bloats your stomach and swells your organs. When you drink in excess, you don't have a normal appetite. You body processes alcohol before it processes fat. I do drink, but it is not good. When I am really serious about bodybuilding, I cut out the alcohol or limit it to once a week.

Sleep is super important. Do not eat within 90 minutes of going to bed. Sleeping is when you heal and grow. If you have a hard time sleeping or need to start out on a good sleeping schedule again, try a 10mg slow release melatonin with a Magnesium. Click sleep to learn more.

Your mindset and positive thinking is big-time on the importance factor when it comes to lifting (and all of life). Take a second when you get to the gym, to sit down, drop your head, close your eyes, and really analyze where you are mentally. Are you down? Irritated? Pissed? If you are pissed at yourself for not being where you want to be physically, that might actually help you whoop your own ass in the gym and give you a good pump. But if you are negative for any other reason, its going to eff up your gains. Clear your head, give yourself some positive self talk, forgive the person that cut you off, give yourself a break, and then get to it. Put the headphones on and pump some positive tunes. You will see a big difference. There is a lot more on this subject, so click mental state for tricks and tips.

The human body is made up of 60% water. The water doesn't get there on its own, you have to keep drinking water to replenish it. Especially for body builders, (and when you take creatine), a lot of water is needed for the muscles, organs, and stomach to process the amount of food you eat. Click Hydration to get more into depth on this subject.

A coach is a huge help

And there's no shame in it. People brag about having coaches these days.

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