Depression Sucks, we know.

Monkeys, primates, dogs, and all animals....

They live to survive. They don't think, they just "do". They move forward, eat when they can find food, mate during mating season, and sleep when they're tired.


We sometimes act like primates when we need to think like humans.

Sometimes we need to stop thinking like humans, and act like primates.

Let me explain.

We were given gift of consciousness, unlike animals. We are cognizant beings who can think, plan, and dream. This is good! But comes with its complexities.

Catch yourself thinking negative thoughts and intervene in your own life. Pound your foot down and command the negative thinking to stop. Otherwise it will creep, and fester, and throw you down deeper. It will not add a day to your life or help you in any way. Acknowledge the issues of stress, deal with it or come up with the plan to deal with it, and move on. Draw the line in the sand and don't let it fester. When the feeling keep nagging, flip to Tony Robbins and other powerful speakers to speak some truth and positivity into your mind. Be deliberate about it, take charge. No one will do it for you. Because that's what needs to be flipped; your mind. It's a mind thing--and it can absolutely change, right now.

Alternatively, you may need to act like a dog. Not think, just do. When you get up in the morning, jump to action before your mind wakes up. Get up early and grab a flashlight. Throw yourself out the front door and hit the pavement while your mind is still half in a foggy sleep. You will wake up and you're walking. You beat negativity before it had time to wake up. By the time you are awake, you have already accomplished a lap around the block. Endorphins have been released in the blood which enters your mind and dopamine has been released, bringing happiness to you. You just got a huge accomplishment under your belt and you've started the path of positive change. You've done all this, and the sun hasn't even woken up yet. GOOD JOB.


Learn about the power of sleep. Lack of sleep can be so bad that it starts to create psychosis. All your depression may stem from the very source of sleep. You may not even realize you are days or months behind on sleep. Sleep is powerful that you can quickly become a mess without it.

Sleep resets your insides and brings balance.